Time to re-introduce checkerboard flooring


Checkerboard flooring has long been a staple within interior design, from Egyptian temples to the timeworn black and white tiles at the palace at Palace of Versailles, checkerboard flooring has been beloved for centuries and stood the test of time. 

Usually designed in a black and white or red or white pattern (depending on where you are) means the design can work in almost any kind of space. Whilst you may have a distant memory of a 1950’s diner, it’s time to re-think and re-introduce the classic pattern into your home. 

Image via Studio McGee

The timeless appeal and versatility of checkerboard flooring allows it to be integrated into any type of decor or room within your home. Trends do come and go but a pattern that has been around for centuries should be something to consider introducing, especially if you’re planning a re-design

Like most classics, checkerboard flooring can be elevated. Montana Labelle recently combined a Calcutta Viola marble with a neutral Travertine providing a contemporary update whilst creating something timeless and beautiful to welcome you home. 

Image via Montana Labelle Design

Athena Calderone embraced the checkerboard pattern when designing the terrace of her Brooklyn townhouse. Athena took inspiration from rural French chateaus and combined a blue-gray with a sandy travertine which sits harmoniously against evergreen planting and the terracotta Brooklyn skyline. 

Image via Eye Swoon

Whilst we’ve been spending more time at home, there has been an undeniable surge of people carrying out home improvements whether structural or cosmetic. If you live in a rental property introducing accessories such as Moroccan checkerboard rugs, cushions and bedspreads can help mimic the look and bring this timeless pattern in to your home. 

If you’re carrying out home improvements, consider extending the works beyond colour experimentation and upholstery choices. Flooring is something that can be overlooked but there are many options and styles out there to consider and explore. 

There is no written rule of where checkerboard flooring should be introduced, but as the design will draw your eye down, consider installing the pattern into a room which commands attention. 

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