Trend Alert: Body Part Decor


The human form has been celebrated art and design for centuries, it seems natural that when humans began to sculpt they thought in terms of their own body. 

The Human form has been an inspiration for centuries, going back as far as the ancient Egyptians and more commonly known, the ancient Greeks who sculpted Gods and Goddess. 

The Egyptian sculptures have a surprisingly naturalistic effect, even those as early as the Fifty Dynasty. Whereas the Ancient Greeks, with their statues of youths and Gods emphasised sensual aspects of the human form; sculpting powerful thighs and buttocks to highlight strength and also sexual energy – often depicted on black figure vessels.

The human form isn’t a simple way for artists and designers to explore their senses, the forms convey meaning and emotion and have deep rooted concepts often revealing what’s socially accepted – such as instagram banning the nipple #freethenipple. 

When it comes to body decor there are conversation starters and showstoppers on the market, especially when you delve into the vintage market. Contemporary  potters such as Johnathon Adler and Anissa Kermiche are celebrated for their work featuring the human form. 

There is something truly special about a statement pieces of furniture and decor, a piece that makes the eye sing and the eyes and mid wonder, something seductive that really draws your gaze and adds a layer of detail to your space. 

Image via Shannon McGrath, Design by Alicia Holgar

Header Image via Eye Swoon

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