The benefits of sourcing vintage furniture


If you haven’t guessed, were huge fans of vintage furniture and decor, so much so that we touched on a few of the benefits earlier this year

Decorating with vintage has many benefits, vintage items have a richness and introduce character to a space. Vintage items elevate a room and have a unique patina, impossible to replicate. Vintage vessels, sculpture and rugs will add depth and there are so many options out there. 

Vintage furniture and accessories will not only elevate a scheme but they will increase your profit margins. Many beautiful vintage items are sold under market value and if you have an understanding of trend prediction, investing out of season could save you even more! 

As the pandemic continues to effect production and lengthen lead-times, sourcing vintage is worth exploring. 

We have broken down four of our key reasons why sourcing vintage should be your go too.

Image via Rachel Halvorson Designs & Photography by Paige Rumore


As industries become aware of waste and the impact this has globally, it’s no surprise that we, as individuals take note of our own carbon foot print. 

Beauty aside, sourcing vintage is a more sustainable approach to design. Utilising pre-loved items means you’re saving them from a land fill whilst skipping manufacturing and packing which impacts the environment. 

Also, you’re also avoid a suppliers mark up which will save you money in the long run. 

One Of A Kind

Vintage items cannot be re-produced, though some high street shops have attempted. The shape, colour and patina will never be the same as something vintage and not to mention, if the item is new it’ll show up over your feed. 

A well worn surface has a richness and a unique detail giving it character. If you’re wanting to introduce vintage into your scheme invest in smaller items such as sculpture, vessels and soft furnishing such as rugs and throws to set your room apart.

Image via Moore House Design & Photography by Erin McGinn

Lead Time

The pandemic has effected every industry globally, including design. The pandemic has highlighted issues with supply chains including shipping (which impacts the environment) and inventory. 

By sourcing vintage you eliminate lead-times and the stress these introduce. 

The UK has numerous large scale car boots used by experts in the industry and local auctions rooms which I stalk weekly, top tip – search with key words!

Maximise Profit

Vintage doesn’t mean expensive and is usually a more cost effect way of sourcing, allowing budget to be allocated elsewhere. Vintage items are usually more cost effective than items newly manufactured, which will increase your profit margin. 

Vintage furniture will likely require upholstery work, depending on the cloth and the extent of the work it can be costly. Securing vintage items at a lower price point will allow you to splurge on beautiful materials to elevate the piece.

Image and header via Heidi Caillier Design

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