Winter Spice Design Moments


As the evenings become longer and the leaves start to turn our focus begins to shift to autumnal palettes. Autumnal hues are nothing new within the world of design, think rich browns, muddy greens and shades of terra cotta, which is one of the most historic hues known to man, dating back to 3000 BC, once reserved for ceramic and pottery. 

Terra cotta is a material composed of clay and fired at a high temperature, offering a rang of hues due to the clay but were focusing on a particular hue which we’ve deemed winter spice. 

You could say the hue sits with cinnamon and warm terra cotta though it has a richness allowing it to be the focus within a room, it also has a softness allowing it to sit back and be used as an accent, adding depth to a neutral palette. 

Image via Ashe Leandro & Photography Adrian Gaut

The winter months aren’t the only time to incorporate darker, richer hues into your home. This living space by Amber Interiors is a perfect example. The neutral base provides a foundation for a range of textures and pop of winter spice which infuses the room with warmth and energy and of course combined with one of kind vintage objects. 

Image via Amber Interiors & Photography Tessa Neustadt

Where’s as Heidi Caller has used this hue as the main focus, incorporating the architrave and panelling detail. Heidi paired this ‘risky’ hue with a range warm woods, brass hardware and a rich navy check. Nothing will warm up a scheme like brass and a rich upholstery selection. Adding a touch of winter spice to your home doesn’t need to be complicated and when done right it will carry your home through the seasons. 

Image via Heidi Caillier Design & Photography Haris Kenjar

If you’re currently designing a room within your home we would advised designing a neutral base. Layer shades of white, cream and sandy earth tones together to create a layered foundation. This bedroom designed by Amber is the perfect example. Amber incorporated all the earth tones whilst building texture and depth with winter spice used as the dominate colour within the palette. 

Image via Amber Interiors & Photography Tessa Neustadt
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