7 Cabinet Colour ideas for an everyday kitchen


Eating and preparing food is primal, regardless of the size of your kitchen it’s where people connect over conversation and yes – over food!

Depending on the size of the kitchen, colour is something you shouldn’t shy away from, choosing the right hue will add an element of interest, inject personality and show consideration to this often overlooked space. 

Naturally I’m drawn to neutrals and architectural details such as cornices and mouldings but as the apartment was located on the third floor of a Georgian villa these would feel out of place due to the floor level and structure of the building, when it was once a home. Taking this into consideration  I installed the original details which would have been found on this level and restored what was salvageable, taking inspiration from the building history and architecture.

I knew the kitchen in the Notting Hill apartment would be installed along one wall which would limit it’s size. Colour was something I was drawn to as I wanted the apartment to reflect the neighbourhood with its colourful history and present.

The kitchen would also also provide a backdrop to the open planing living area so both zones had to ultimately connect which then helped dictating the colour scheme. 

When choosing the colour for any space there are a few rules to follow, here a few tips which may help. 

  • Consider the size of the room, will a darker colour make the space feel smaller?
  • What lighting does the room have throughout the day? If the room faces north it maybe better suited to a lighter shade.
  • Think about the current trends, yellow maybe fun at the moment but will this colour carry you for a a couple of years? 
  • What cabinetry are you choosing, if you’re leaning to something more traditional pinks, yellows and red maybe too bold for the classic. 

Midnight Blue

A classic staple, navy blue has become one if the most popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. Navy may not be your first choice, but this dark shade will create a crisp and sophisticated look and sit with both a modern or traditional style kitchen and accessories. 

Image via Eye Swoon

Light Blue

If you want to create a relaxing and tranquil scheme that invokes a sense of clam varying shades of lighter blues maybe the answer whilst providing a serene backdrop to an open planing living area. 


Green is a colour we associate with food and nature, it offers a range of hues which work effortlessly in the kitchen. Shades ranging from a cool mint, a deep olive or a bright zest have made a modern come back in recent years. Try mixing colours between the upper and lower cabinets for a contemporary look. 

Image via Studio Ashby


A white kitchen is anything but boring, especially when the white is paired with a heavy gained natural stone. Introduce depth with contrasting textures such as metals and raw wood.  

Image via Fredrik Karlsson


Not quite grey or white but greige is a versatile hue which can be paired with almost any colour. The trending shade provides neutral backdrop when key textured elements are introduced. 

Image via Jean Stoffer


Amongst the kitchen paint colours nothing is quite as bright or bold as yellow. Yellow is a colour which suits both a contemporary and traditional kitchen, introduce layers with neutral shades and natural materials for cohesive and considered space.

Image via DeVOL


A black kitchen exudes a bold, dramatic vibe. Contrast the darker cabinetry against lighter walls and stone to brighten the room. Continue the play of neutrals with accessories; creams, terracotta and rustic wood will introduce a warmness which will add another element into what could be an uninviting scheme. 

Image and Header via Architectural Digest

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