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I was fortunate to have spent the last few weeks travelling around Northern Italy, I was last in Italy the summer of 2019, I spent time in Venice seeing friends and enjoying the food, the language, the people, the architecture, the culture, the slow way of living, and of course the monumental amount of history. 

Time aside, I was so happy to have the opportunity to travel, having not experienced a different culture for nearly two years due to the pandemic. My partner and I quickly decided a road trip around as many places as possible would be the best option. 

Starting in the north of Italy we made our away around the Lombardy region stopping off at Lake Maggiore and Como, down to Portofino through the picturesque seaside villages making up the Cinque Terre and into northern Tuscany. 

Whilst we were in Tuscany, a trip to Carrara was high on the list. 

Carrara is city famed for its marble quarries, one of the design decisions I still questions was using a Quartz for the kitchen counter and backsplash. The decision was one of practicality but a heavy grained marble with an organic movement still lingers in my mind. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against a practical design choice but for me, beauty usually triumphs. 

Carrara is a fascinating city with a long history and the city is literally built on marble. Positioned in the north of Tuscany, with the snow topped Apuan Alps in the background creating a dramatic backdrop for this coastal city – a blessing for shipping. 

In addition to seeing marble options, I wanted to meet the families who have mined in the region for generations and learn their history and processes. Te region is protected and a small number of families have the privilege of mining this beautiful stone. 

The city of Carrara origination from the borough built to house the workers in the marble quarries crated by the romans in the early 2nd Century BC. Carrara has been linked with quarrying and carving marble since the Roman age, with the stone being exported globally from the harbour of Luni.

In addition to the marble quarries, Carrara has academies of sculpture and fine arts and a museum of statuary and antiquities so it should defiantly be on your list when you next visit Tuscany. 

All images via Studio Leasu

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