Bouclé is the cozy textured furniture we all need


Having spent a little more than a year indoors, our focus on ‘home’ has shifted. Many of us invested in home renovations and improvements, creating comfort and much needed respite were criteria. 

Creating a space that you want to spend time is key when making a house a home, in which good design is crucial. Our homes should reflect who we are, inspire creativity and provide a sense of calm. 

As home renovations were photographed and shared there was one textured fabric that was hard to miss – Bouclé.

French for ‘curled’ or ‘looped’ the woven fabric is characterized by an almost shearling type appearance with a snug and welcoming appeal. At a time when neutrals are dominating, there’s nothing quite like injecting texture to warm up and bring life to a neutral palette and with being cooped in indoors for so long, it’s no surprised that that this tactile, textured material became so popular. 

Bouclé is hard wearing, thanks to its structure but crafted with wool makes it’s soft and breathable making it highly suited to curves, which we crushed on here. 

If you’re looking to invest, take a look at some of our favorite inspiration below. 

Image via Ecru Studio
Image via Banda Property
Image via Else Hosk
Image via Coco Republic
Image via CJH Studio

Header Image via Architectural Digest

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