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There is no denying that crittall windows and doors are here to stay, crittall is characterized by black steel frames – though these maybe crittall the word crittall is used more loosely used to describe the appearance. 

Crittall widows originally appeared in the 1800’s, they were popular throughout the art deco period and are now used to introduce character and a fresh open feel to a property. 

Used both externally and internally, using interior windows allow you to create different zones without compromising on light or space, whilst introducing key interior details. 

Black framed windows are a trend that is here to stay, whether sash or steel framed the appearance is timeless and coveted. 

Image via Banda Property

What is the Crittall style?

Crittall is the name often given to black steel framed windows however; the original Crittall windows were manufactured by ironmonger, Francis Henry Crittall in 1889.

Crittall style is timeless, the versatile design lends itself to a range of interior styles such as industrial, mid-century or Scandinavian. 

Looks great, but are they practical?

Modern steel windows will be double glazed and thermally efficient. Like all windows they will benefit from regular cleaning but crittall will require annual lubrication of the handles, hinges, locks etc. to remain in working order. 

All metals rust but a popular option is to galvanise the steel frame in a hot dip followed by a polyester powder coat to protect the frame against rust. 

Image via Vitra

How to apply?

Crittall doors can be used both externally and internally, they work well when used to divide a space and contribute to the interior architecture of a room. When used indoors the proportion needs to be considered, crittall needs space to breathe though it adds design detail to a smaller space such as shower screens. 

When used to divide two spaces the amount of glass allows light to flood into a room, recently the style has evolved into bi-fold doors, which dominate the design choice of a modern extension. 

Image via Banda Property

How much do Crittall doors cost?

Crittall is expensive and is priced around £2,500 per sq meter making them an investment. For a more cost effective option try aluminum crittall doors, they may not have the same quality but they do offer faster lead times.

Header image via Architectural Digest

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