The Notting Hill Apartment


When I began to search for an apartment I knew I wanted a period property and something that required work. When I found the Notting Hill apartment it ticked most of the boxes and it required a renovation.  

The layout of the apartment was fairly simple and I felt as though it would work with my lifestyle so the only addition I had to consider was a second bathroom, which I could easily slot in… Along with a tonne of storage!

I knew the building was once a house so I researched it’s history and found that it had undergone several unfortunate renovations over the years, which explained why the period details were missing as these were often stripped and sold.  

When I began to collate ideas for the apartment, I started looking at townhouses as I wanted the classic London interior architecture to provide a foundation for the design and build up the scheme from there – including re-installing the architectural details. 

I wanted the apartment to feel elegant, relaxed and sophisticated and reflect the buildings period, the goal was to combine the ornate moldings with hints of modernity. Also, as the property is located in Notting Hill I also wanted it to have some grit and maintain the areas character – I wasn’t asking for too much!

I kept the foundation of the design neutral and incorporated a range of natural textures for depth, as I also wanted to provide a foundation for the mix of oddities and vintage finds that I’ve been lucky to collect with my partner over the years. 

Moodpboard and Floorpan plan via Studio Leasu
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