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I was first introduced to Tadelakt when staying in Paris, I asked a couple of questions and was then fascinated by the history and the incredibly low maintenance involved. 

Tadelakt originated from ancient Morocco; originally it was used to waterproof earthen cisterns for the hygienic storage of drinking water and eventually used to decorate exterior facades and small drinking vessels. 

If you’ve been to Morocco, you will have seen Tadelakt used in public bathing houses and bathrooms. 

What are the advantages? 

I feel in love with Tadelakt’s seamless appearance, it’s not too dissimilar to plaster or polished concrete. Unlike tiles, Tadelakt is great because there’s no need for grout so it offers a clean finish. Best of all, it’s completely waterproof!

What are the disadvantages? 

Tadelakt is quite expensive, coming in at around £147.50 plus VAT per square meter. Tadelakt can also crack over time, which is why people usually avoid using the material on the floor as it can lead to larger fissures

How hard is Tadelakt to maintain? 

Once the plaster is applied your specialist will advise how best to look after the lime plaster. In case your wondering a simple olive oil soap can be rubbed into the surface of the product, this forms a chemical reaction with the lime to form calcium stearate. This results in a surface that is both water and scratch resistant. Tadelakt can be cleaned with water as its coated in a soap solution to seal it. Regular recoating with a soap solution ensures that the Tadelakt stays in excellent condition for years to come. The plaster also resists dirt and mould making for a cleaning and low maintenance area. 

Are there colour options? 

The plaster can be coloured with natural earth pigments or with synthetic pigments, which offer a broader range of choice. The surface is polished to a shiny finish with a slight colour variation, which gives a depth to the walls. 

Who can apply Tadelakt?

A specialist is required to apply the plaster as there are multiple steps required, more companies are offering Tadelakt so be sure to do your research and use a company that leaves a lasting and positive impression.

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